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Hey, here is a translation for everybody who can't read and understand German.
I got a moment of time to report about my staying in Sydney. The plans are get changed really fast and so they turned during few hours.
I was looking for a host familiy to be an Au Pair. And to have something to stay. Looking after the children during the parents are working is - in a simple way - what a Au Pair has to do. And as well some house work.
I was looking for a nice family on Thursday last week and I got two Interviews on Friday.
I had one with a Mum, who has two children, they are Twins. And in the evening I got a Interview with a Single-Dad. He has three kids.
I really felt in love with the children, but I finally felt the decision for the Mum with the Twins.
Because of this decision they said to me that I can stay in the house where they are living during the time when they are in New Zealand.
I was really happy about this offer and I took it.
On the same evening my Host-Mother was picking me up from the Hostel where I wanted to stay.
Unfortunately In left some stuff behind in the hostel, because I get the news and was really overwhelmed and nervous and excited.
But I noticed just at the next morning, that I lost my stuff and I was freaking out. In the belt where money, passport, Identity Card and Credit Cards and some other stuff. I put it under the pillow and would actually go somewhere else but in this moment I got the message, that I can come to the home from my host family.
Everything was inside. I got a lot of trouble, I thought. And I called the hostel where I was been and they told me, that there was nothing. The woman checked the room, but there where still two people asleep. So I took the bus and went to city. At the hostel there was a nice guy, who said, that he found the belt and give them to the staff. I was so thankful to him and he just wanted nothing, except, that I should help the next traveler.
I finally arrived in my host family and wait until they come back. Ya, a next update will come in the next day's. I don't know exactly, when I will have the time for writing a report, because I have to start my work. See you,

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